Jose Pereyra

Jose Pereyra always enjoyed elements of the design process such as drawing, but it was being hired as a marketing associate for a furniture company soon after arriving in Canada from the Dominican Republic in 2021 that inspired him to purse a digital design career at Bow Valley College.

Jose says the process of creating content that influences a customer’s decision is one of the things he loves most about his chosen field, and he appreciated the opportunity to establish a relationship with a real client as part of his program. He credits his experience as a student with opening the door to transition to the role of marketing manager for the same company that initially hired him.

“Bow Valley College definitely helped me establish my learning path and definitely helped me grow into the role I’m in now,” he says. “My instructors helped me develop a plan and content strategy. After that I was able to go to the company and send them the project, and they were really impressed.”

Jose says being a student at Bow Valley College helped his resume stand out and his time as a student helped him grow into his current role.

“When I finished my Bow Valley college diploma, my mind was opened to so many great opportunities,” says Jose. “I also keep in touch with all of my classmates, and we'll still talk about important things in the industry. They’re a really good source of creativity.”